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Brimstone by drakhenliche
So, having covered Frostbite, figured I'd have a crack at another of The Seven and went for the other end of the thermometer with Brimstone here. He's changed a bit from his original design posted over here: (horrific oldness alert) --> but this is now much closer to what I had in mind for him :)

World buildy stuff:
The red dragon Fiero, better known as Brimstone. Of the Seven he was second in age and size only to the ancient, monstrous sea dragon Maelstrom (one of the last Orphic-Exalted still living on the material plane). As Tymaeran dragons age, so their physical forms may change and evolve to match their temperament and nature. By the start of the Dragon War, Fiero was classed already as an Elder Dragon and had reached a point where parts of him constantly burned like living embers, wreathing him in smoke and flame. His home south of the Dragon Mountains had become a barren, ashen waste under its master's influence. He generally considered the antics and intrigues of younger dragons getting involved with 'lesser' races to be beneath him, something for juveniles, but he had to acknowledge the steady eradication of his species and decided to align with the other dragons to put a decisive end to it.

The Old Empire didn't fall without a fight however and in a final, daring act of defiance a cadre of wizards made a last-ditch effort to fight the Seven by giving their lives to create a spell powerful enough to doom their assumed leader, Brimstone. The dragon still lives but is frozen, ensnared in a tomb of enchanted obsidian hidden deep in the heart of the Dragon Mountains.
Through their individual networks of spies and collaborators, the green dragon Witchblight and black Bloodbane had both gotten wind of this plan and could have stopped it but the Empire was already doomed. Witchblight had no love for the arrogant red, envying his power and Bloodbane had his designs set on the fallen imperial throne and thought Brimstone might endanger his plans so neither lifted a talon to help. In the long run this turned out to be a bad move as the region that once formed Brimstone's vast territory is now home to the legions of demons who broke through the Dreaming Gate. So, whoops, someone really dropped the ball on that one.
Frostbite by drakhenliche
Ferath, known better as Frostbite, dragon of the Icy Wastes. As cold as the frozen lands he inhabits, he takes little interest in the outside world. He did once stir himself to fight alongside the cadre of dragons known as the Seven, bringing about the breaking of the Old Empire but even before the dust had settled he was returning south, telling the black dragon Bloodbane he was more than welcome to crown himself Emperor if that was the game he wanted to play, so long as Frostbite's lands were left in peace. Thinking countless miles of ice, snow and permafrost a poor prize, the other dragon agreed but had he known the secrets of the wastes, the treasure-hungry beast may have reconsidered for they hold in their icy heart the ruins of a forgotten civilisation and incredible treasures of ancient knowledge and terrible power. Which Frostbite isn't going to tell anyone about.
Yet while the dragon sits in his frozen city lair and counts his treasure the world moves on and it's only a matter of time before someone, somewhere takes an interest in what may be hidden in the frozen South...

Aaand yeah, just setting up for yet another story I'll probably never get around to writing.
Son Of The North by drakhenliche
Son Of The North
From a couple years back now.  My first concerted effort at painting fur in watercolours.   And with great forbearance I managed not to use any black on the middle wolf - it's all indigo and sepia :)

Painted as a surprise gift for a dear friend and former flatmate who I miss these days.  The runes at the bottom very roughly/poorly translate into old norse as 'Son of the North'.
Aha! Finally briefly commandeered a machine I can access Deviantart on.
Soooo... I've been gone a wee while.  And will continue to be for a while yet.  I've moved flat (into one I own! WOOOOO! Never, ever want to go back to throwing away money on renting again!) but for reasons not worth explaining I have no proper computer or decent internet connection at home and can't really get on here at work.  Hence my continued silence. Not quite as I'd planned things but hey, one hopes 'normal service' will resume before too long...

Anyway. A bit crass, I know, but the first post I'm making on here in ages is me trying to sell something:

-->… <--

Selling my faithful Wacom Cintiq 12wX.  Currently at a bargain price.  Auction finishes tomorrow. It does feel a little bit like I'm selling a friend but it's for a good cause.

(and now I should probably get back to work!)


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